Meaningful change we can achieve.

 -- reauthorization of the Child Poverty Council, to monitor progress in eradicating child poverty and propose legislation to improve economic opportunities for families

     -- establishment of gun safety laws, especially universal background checks and removal of guns from domestic abusers and those threatening harm to others

     -- protecting Vermont operation of important federal programs like SNAP for food assistance and REACH UP for aid to needy families

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time regarding bills that concern you, or legislation you think should be introduced. My goal is to make the lives of my constituents, and all Vermonters, better.​


Congressman Peter Welch campaigned with Debbie in her 2012 bid for the State Senate.

These are some of the pieces of legislation I spearheaded during my first term that were enacted:

      -- establishment of a systemic racism mitigation board to collect data on racial injustice within the government, to identify where improvement is needed, and to promote best practices

     -- allowing the public defender's office to provide advice to needy persons already under their care on matters of immigration in order to keep families together and navigate confusing federal laws

     -- increase in the number of and training for sexual assault nurse examiners to provide better care for victims

   -- expansion of telemedicine, to give patients improved access via secure video links to many kinds of health care providers, including mental health counselors, physical therapists, primary care providers, and out-of-state specialists. This expansion of care is especially helpful to rural residents and seniors.

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