Meaningful change we can achieve.


With family on vacation in Alaska -- (L to R) brother-in-law Chuck, sister Rebecca, Debbie, sister Sherry, and nephew Scott.

Issues that I will continue to work for:

     -- Health care reform. Vermont leads the nation with our All-Payer Model, which channels commercial insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare spending into one pot of money that funds an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), which is a voluntary coalition of hospitals and private practices. The ACO focuses on coordinating a team of health care providers to keep a community of people well, rather than charging fees for each individual service for each patient. These are important reforms that lead to lower costs and provide better care.

     -- Paid family leave. This will provide time off with a portion of a worker's salary for the birth or adoption of a child or to care for a sick relative. We will revisit this important measure for workers next year.

    -- Raising the minimum wage. This will raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour gradually over the next few years to bring workers closer to a livable wage so they can make ends meet without having two or three jobs.



Vermont State Senator

--  Bold climate change initiatives. We have passed legislation to encourage renewable energy, incent electric cars, clean up our waterways, and ban plastics. We will continue to move forward on even bolder plans to mitigate climate change. 


  • VSEA (Vermont State Employees Association)
  • Vermont Conservation Voters
  • ​Vermont Sierra Club
  • Vermont NEA (VT chapter of National Education Association)
  • VT chapter of Planned Parenthood
  • VT chapter of National Association of Social Workers

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