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As I listen to Vermonters across the county, I've been asked my position on additional issues, like these:

Women's reproductive rights.  I am definitely pro-choice. My feeling is that most times when a woman is considering having an abortion, she is facing a range of challenges that only she can sort out, and frequently having an abortion is the least objectionable of a variety of objectionable choices. My heart goes out to anyone who finds herself in the circumstances in which she must make this decision -- but it must entirely be her decision, and abortions must remain safe and legal in this country so that she can make it without fear or risk to herself.

• LGBTQ rights.  As a lesbian myself, I fully support all civil rights and protections for the entire LGBTQ community, including same-sex marriage and gender-neutral bathrooms.

Vermont State Senator

Climate​ change and the environment.  Vermont must be a leader on climate change, which is human-caused and can be addressed by intentional measures.   I am fully in favor of a move to 100% renewable energy and would work to expand both solar energy and wind power in the appropriate circumstances. I support working with the industry to make renewable more affordable and more prevalent, and I would consider a carbon tax if it holds low income people harmless. We must also continue to address clean up our waterways and find a sustainable, dedicated funding source for this clean-up.